Alec Stevens was born in Brazil in 1965 where his father, stationed in various parts of the world, was on military assignment. At age twenty he began his professional career as an illustrator for secular magazines, books, and newspapers, and also as an artist/writer for comics and graphic novels. In late 1989 he surrendered his life to Jesus Christ, and in 1992 he accepted an ongoing teaching position at the Kubert School. In 2000 and 2001 he published, with the help of friends and former students, his first Christian comic books (two issues of GLORY TO GOD which were later collected into anthology form with additional material), and in 2006 the Calvary Comics imprint continued in earnest with the publication of the full color graphic novel SADHU SUNDAR SINGH. Since then many other titles, as well as comics tracts and posters, have been added to the Calvary Comics line. He says, "With these books it is my desire to share the Gospel message in sequential art (comics) form, using true accounts from various parts of the world, past and present, which line up with the revealed will of God as shown in the Scriptures." Attending Times Square Church in NYC since 1996, Alec has also been involved with street evangelism, feeding the homeless via the Raven Truck ministry, leading worship music and Bible study with the Drama Team outreaches to various shelters, and, since 2010, playing guitar with the music ministry. He currently resides in northern New Jersey.